Malaysia Part 1 – Kuala Lumpur

After our city trip in Singapore we moved on to Malaysia. Our first stop in Malaysia was the big city of Kuala Lumpur or how we used to call it – just KL. The flight to KL took only about an hour. Our hotel which we had prebooked was a disaster. It was in a weird area and our room was dirty. It even had leftovers from the last guests in our room. Mikael complained and we got another room which was ok enough for the next 3 days. Since we already had booked and paid for the whole stay we were going to stick to it but overall this hotel was not a good choice. Our first evening in KL we spent shopping. I needed some nice shoes. Tomorrow will be New Year’s Eve and I’m not getting far with my Flip-flops.

The next day we went out to get some first impressions of Kuala Lumpur. We visited the KLCC Suria Mall which is attached to the Petronas Towers. They are nice to see from under it but even nicer from above :) Today is New Year’s Eve and we still had no restaurant booked for the dinner. This is something you often forget about when travelling around for a long time. You just live day by day and so we had no reservation yet. We spent the whole afternoon running around to check out the places and to actually find one which was not fully booked. Our expectations were not that high. We just wanted a nice restaurant where we could eat and see the fireworks. Finally, we found one on top of the G-Tower and reserved a table for dinner. The new year’s eve dinner was great! We had a 7 course meal and always the perfect matching wine to go with it. We probably couldn’t afford that in Switzerland so easily as the price was really low for what we got. So we enjoyed our evening in quiet and nice atmosphere and later on we went next door to the club. In the afternoon we had been told that this is the perfect place to see the fireworks. After midnight we knew that this was not the case. The rooftop has a great view of over 270 degrees, but unfortunately the fireworks were in the missing 90 degrees! We were a bit pissed off and the party was not our taste at all so we went to Bukit Bintang for the after party. Bukit Bintang is the place to go when you want to go out in KL. There are a lot of restaurants and bars along the street and there’s always something going on. Especially this night. It was really busy and so we partied till early in the morning.

Today was my birthday :) After we had a good sleep-in we went to the city to get some food. On the way we stopped at Merdeka Square (a famous Square in KL). Lea’s wish for the afternoon was to play another Breakout-game. Because we are still beginners we always play the easiest rooms and this one was booked out. So we got some extra time to spend before. Mikael went on a mystery run through the shops and I went to get a massage. Our 2nd breakout game was fun, even we didn’t manage to break out. In the evening we went to the Traders (one of the five star hotels in town) to the Skybar and enjoyed some drinks and the great view of the Petronas towers. This is a definite must do when in Kuala Lumpur.

The next day we changed our hotel. Originally we only planned to stay 3 nights in KL, but we kind of loved the city and decided to extend our stay. Especially because we haven’t seen that much over these public holidays. I’m sure a lot of the people wouldn’t agree that KL is a great city but for us it was. We loved the great possibilities and opportunities the city gives you. Our second hotel we chosen now with more experience and in a better spot. We have to say that KL is quite big and almost everywhere you go you need a car or something with wheels to take you from A to B. Kuala Lumpur’s Metro system isn’t the best. There are 4 different companies running trains but they’re not working together. So it was in KL we first tried and later loved Uber. Those days we almost “ubered” everywhere and we never paid much more than 8 dollars for a 30-minute drive. After checking in to the new hotel we went outside of town for the first time. We went to the Sunway Lagoon which is a waterpark outside town. This was our first time cooling of in all those days :) Mikael’s favorite was definitely the Flowrider. He could have easily spent the whole afternoon on this thing 😛 in the evening we had a reservation in the revolving restaurant of the KL-tower. I would say a bit expensive but all worth it. The buffet and of course the view was nice. Yes, those days in KL screwed a bit our budget, but we don’t really allow us much the other days. Not that you think we live like this all the time 😛 Unfortunately that’s not possible!

Our last day in KL and time to visit the Batu Caves. Different people told us to go there, so we did. The Batu Caves is a holy place of the hindu people. The entrance of the caves is marked with a huge Buddha and everyone going in the caves has to earn it first. Going in there are 272 steps to manage first. Not an easy thing on a very hot day. One part of the caves is free, but the other part – the dark caves, you have to pay for a tour. Those are not accessible to the public. The tour took 45 minutes and was great. We even experienced the complete darkness which is pretty amazing.

You got spare time in a big city? If you ask Lea, then it’s time for breakout-games! Today we wanted to test another company. It was not a good idea as we can tell now. This room was probably one of our worst one’s ever and we were really disappointed after it. I didn’t want to leave KL like that so we went straightaway to Avenue K where the other company is and did another breakout game. This was one of the best ones :) In the evening we decided that we are going to move on to Langkawi the next day. Of course we would love to see much more than only two places in Malaysia, but we didn’t want any stress so we decided to stay only on Langkawi for the 2nd week. Because the inland flights were only 20 dollars a person, we booked those flights instead of taking a night bus and ferry to Langkawi. So we add two more flights to our journey 😉

Kuala Lumpur it’s definitely not such a perfect city like Singapore, but we were in the right time there and enjoyed the vibe of this city without stress. We loved the possibilities this city offers and we didn’t have any bad experiences here except for our first hotel. This is a big point travelling around as we can tell. If you have a bad experience in a place you are in this is going to change your mind about it for sure. The people here in Malaysia are helpful, great and polite.

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