Malaysia Part 2 – Langkawi

Welcome to Langkawi, a little island in the northwest of Malaysia. After Kuala Lumpur, for me this was definitely another little cultural shock. Only after a few hours in Langkawi I knew that I would easily get bored here. The island is small and if you want, you could see it in a day or two. In the evenings there’s not much happening unless you know where to go. Means: time to relax. Well I always have to get used to it first and settle down. Our first day in Langkawi we checked out the surroundings around Cenang Beach. That’s the place to be in Langkawi and that’s where life is :) We were told that the easiest way to explore the island is by car. Taxi’s cost here always 10 Ringgit, not matter if you drive 10 or 200 meters. We still had the number from a guy who rents cars at the airport so we called him and organized a car for the next 6 days. It was all very uncomplicated an unusual: just sign here and bring the car back on Sunday 😛 We paid only around 75CHF for a whole week and we got a cute “Produa Viva”. This is a Malaysian brand.

In the evening we headed to the “Red Tomato”. A restaurant with good reviews and suggested by lonely planet. It’s one of the best restaurants in Langkawi as we found out. It’s owned by Germans but the kitchen is mainly Italian. And their pastas and pizzas are great! This evening we got to meet our new friends Matt and Chrigi. Two guys from the east of Switzerland. We started talking and suddenly it was midnight so we moved on to another bar and another one… Till it was early in the morning and we headed to bed. We played card games and drink games the whole night and it was a lot of fun 😀

The next few days we spent mostly with them. We explored the whole island but in a slow and stress less mood. And suddenly we really enjoyed staying in Langkawi. It was good to relax and slow down a little bit as we had the time to do it. We ate regularly at the “Red Tomato” or in other fancy restaurants. We definitely enjoyed these days.

One day we took the cable cars to a hill with a great overlook over Langkawi and a Skybridge you could walk over. Swiss people are usually used to cable cars but with these ones we were not too sure. Not to mention if those ever were serviced in the last few years and how old these cabins even were. We said that these are probably the ones they don’t use anymore in Switzerland and they got shipped to Langkawi 😛 Well luckily we got safely to the top and back down again. In the evening we enjoyed a bath in the sea with sunset.

Another day we visited the “Seven Wells” waterfalls. We really enjoyed that place. It’s a calm spot at a hill in the forest and you can swim in the waterfall and its pools. It was very chilling and we stayed there forever. Before we left, a bunch of monkeys walked by. Luckily they were not aggressive. This evening we went to another beach but from where we couldn’t see the sunset.

Because Matt and Chrigi departed 2 days earlier than we did, we wanted to enjoy the last day together and booked a half day tour which took us to 3 different islands. As always the tour was fully packed but at least we didn’t pay much for it. Our first stop was the “Pregnant Maiden Lake”, a freshwater located on an island. The water was nice and warm and we got to enjoy about an hour there. Then we stopped by an eagle place where we could see how they fed them. Last stop was meant to be the nicest beach on Malaysia but to our disappointment it was not nice at all so we didn’t swim that much there. Back in Cenang Beach Mikael and I went to the D’Cliff a bar out on a cliff for a drink and sunset. Because it was our last evening with the boys we went to a nice steakhouse for dinner and enjoyed the last evening with them having some drinks and good talks.

And then suddenly we were on our own again. This was a weird feeling after four days spending with them and we first had to get used to it again :) Our last 2 days in Langkawi we spent with swimming, sunbathing, riding the Bananaboat, drinks and good food. The bananboat ride was a big thing on Mikael’s-To-Do-List :) And of course the massage on our last evening not to be missed. Probably the last time for a long time because we will not be able to afford it in Australia. We know that life’s going to change as soon as we arrive on the red continent :)

The 10th of January was our travel day. We went to the airport early enough and then we waited and waited and waited…. Our plane to Kuala Lumpur was late. I was getting more nervous every minute as I know that our transfer will get tight. Because our flight was not connection flight they would not wait for us flying to Darwin. We scheduled 3 hours but in this case that won’t be enough. As we finally landed in Kuala Lumpur we were at least 1 hour late and had to wait another 30 minutes till we got our luggage. By that time, we had only 60 minutes left for check-in and gosh we also had to change the terminal :( We ran as fast as we could and finally arrived at the check-in 40 minutes before departure. Right on time 😛 So we luckily managed to get on our flight last minute and we were so relieved. New flights would have costed us easily 500.- a person!

Summary: In order to explore Malaysia thoroughly we would need much more time. The people and places were awesome and we still got many places to visit the next time 😉

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