Philippines: Paradise Boracay

Three days before Christmas we arrived in the paradise of Boracay. We actually had only planned to stay there 2 days over Christmas, but because we were too quick with travelling and finished with all the other cities on the Philippines, we decided to head to Boracay earlier. Those 4 nights were of course way over our budget, but we didn’t care. Especially over Christmas the prices here go up crazy and you pay triple the price what you usually pay in high season. But here on the Philippines it’s so cheap anyway and we saved up a lot of money the last few weeks here in Asia. So we were fine and could still live like kings :) In the end we were glad that we had 4 full days on Boracay instead of only having 2. For us, Boracay was the paradise and the perfect place for a holiday. The beach is just stunning with its crystal-clear blue water and fine white sand. We would say it is the nicest beach we have ever seen. Of course it is not all about the beach, it’s all together that makes Boracay so special. We loved the atmosphere and the people. It is the most touristic place on the Philippines, but still not too touristy. Nothing compared to Thailand for example. There’s always something going on. Not meant that there is party all the time, no, but it’s relaxing atmosphere with all the restaurants and bars right at the beach. At the beach there’s also no street which is great. To get to the street you have to walk about 5 minutes. The people here are very friendly and polite, like everywhere on the Philippines. Definitely a place to be!

During the day the island is pretty quiet and invites for lying at the beach and relax. The beach is set up with beach chairs and umbrellas for all those who want to get tanned. After sunset the beach changes to its evening program. The restaurants put up all their table and chairs and get ready for all the hungry people. It’s amazing when you think that they do that whole process every day.

As you can probably feel we loved Boracay and enjoyed the days we had there. We used those days just to relax a little bit and enjoy the beach and doing nothing before we continue our trip with big city stress 😛 Here in Boracay did we have a reunion with our Scandinavian friends and we did spend their last few days there together. Unfortunately, Maya and Johan were ill, so we used to spend the evenings only with CJ.

But one day trip we could still do all together. We went to the spiderhouse, a restaurant which is built in a cliff. Especially for sunset there is a great view.

Chill and relax at the pool and at the beach, eating out 3 times a day and some drinks were our daily business. Sometimes we also ordered a shisha to round up the perfect evening. A little exception for not smoking :)

Christmas was totally upside down this year. We spent our day at the pool and at the beach, wrote some postcards to some of you guys and we did even buy ourselves a gift :) We bought a selfie-stick! We actually planned to spend the Christmas evening together with our friends, but Maya and Johan were still not feeling well, so we went just the two of us. We enjoyed a romantic and expensive dinner right at the beach, took a walk at the beach and enjoyed the fireworks after it. It was a nice Christmas even though it was weird to celebrate without our families at home.

On the next day, we had to say goodbye to our friends as the headed home. Of course we will stay in contact. We really had a great time with them.

Today we felt like having an adventure and so we went for paragliding in the afternoon. The paragliding was cool and relaxing. But we weren’t that sure how safe we were as the whole construction looked a bit improvised. Anyway, we never saw someone crashing and so we didn’t either :)

After that we enjoyed the sunset on the beach and our last evening at a bar on the beach sitting in the sand. Suddenly we were surprised by the flood which rose for about 30 minutes. The water was coming and so we sat in the water 😛 About half an hour later the flood went back again.

This was already our last day in Boracay and we would love to stay longer. normally we didn’t mind to continue on but this time it gave us a hard time to leave. For us, Boracay was just the paradise on earth and one of the most wonderful places we have ever seen. We will definitely go back there one day.

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