Citytrip Singapore

Our journey to Singapore was good except for the problems we had at the airport in Caticlan when checking-in. At the check-in they told us that we are only allowed to take 10kg each with us and we would have to pay a lot extra for the other 22kg. They told us, that this is how it is departing from Caticlan and there’s no other way. Despite all the discussions, it didn’t help and we had to pay almost 100.- CHF for the luggage. For us a lot of money and compared to that the flights didn’t cost much more that those 100.- CHF. We were really angry but after that we wrote STA Travel which is our travel agency. They told us that the lady in Caticlan told us the truth and we should have known that we can only take 10kg each. But unfortunately we were not informed about that. Finally, it had a happy end for us and we got the money back from the travel agency. Arriving in Singapore was first a cultural shock for us. Coming from the poor Philippines where life is easy and entering the tidiest city and perfect in the world! Everyone who visited Singapore before knows what I’m speaking about. We still liked Singapore and would probably come back for another few days, but for us it would never be an option to life there or stay there for longer.

On our first day in Singapore we went sightseeing. Here, we took the metro to travel around, which is the easiest way like in many big cities. And it’s also the cheapest. Especially in an expensive city like Singapore. Singapore is probably one of the most expensive cities in Asia and comparable to Switzerland. We went to the Marina and checked out the Marina Bay Sands hotel and mall. We also went to the Gardens by the bay. A beautiful green place in middle of all those skyscrapers.

To have a little overview over the city we went to the Singapore Flyer toward the evening and just before sunset. It was very nice as you can see on the photos.

On our second day in Singapore we decided to go to Sentosa Island. This is a little, outlayered island just south of Singapore. On this island there are many different tourist attractions like Universal Studios or waterparks. We went to the Universal Studios which was not the best idea as we realized later in the day :) Because it was between Christmas and New Year it was really busy and we already waited 30 minutes for the monorail only to go on the island. Arrived in the theme park we had to wait another hour to get our tickets. Unfortunately, the ticket counter was in the sun so we were already wet when we finally got into the park. Now we’d rather wished to be in a waterpark :) We forgot to buy the tickets in advance which would have saved us an hour of waiting, but we learn more and more every day on our big trip. The day continued not much better as we had a lot long queues at the rides. The most we waited on one ride was almost 3 hours. This was because they had to close the ride (and all the other rides as well) as it started to rain. At the end of the day we still enjoyed it and we could at least do all the good rides. And our patience was tested once again :)

Day three was our last day in Singapore and it was raining. Originally we had planned to go to the Domes at the Gardens of the bay but as it was raining we thought that we would probably not be the only ones and so we changed our plans. Mikael was searching Tripadvisor for an indoor activity and there begins a new chapter – our new passion: Escape games! For those of you who don’t know escape games I’ll explain it quickly. You and your friends get locked in a room and need to escape in a certain amount of time. In the room you get puzzles to solve which help you to escape. We loved this first experience in Singapore that much, that it became passion to us. But after our first room, we didn’t have time for another one as we booked tickets for the legendary night-safari in the evening. This time we booked them in advanced. So we took the metro to the zoo and still had to wait an hour to get in :/ The night safari is one of the must-do’s in Singapore so I guess it doesn’t really matter when you go. It’s always busy. We waited another hour for the tram which took us around the zoo with a guide telling us all about the animals. It was not too bad because it was dark we couldn’t see that much and by the time we got back from the tram ride it was already 11pm and we had no time left to explore more of the zoo. So we were a little disappointed because people kept telling us how cool this night safari is. But I’m sure you’ll see a lot more when visiting the zoo during the day. On the way home, the taxi ripped us off once again. They always tell you that it only cost 20 dollars and in the end it’s 50 dollars including all the fees and taxes!

These were our 4 days in Singapore. We learned a lot in that short and full packed period of time. We loved the city and despite the bad experiences we made we would like to come back. Next time we know how it works :)

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